Wake Me Up When September Ends

Title: Wake Me Up When September Ends
Style: One-Shot Songfic
Fandom: Greatest Game Ever Played
Rating: Omg, G!
Disclaimer: Don't own the movie, don't own Shia.
Bookverse or Movieverse: Movieverse
Summary: Francis just wants September to be over...or at least, he thinks he does.
Author's Notes: Yes, I know song fics are evil, but this was just an epiphany I had that I wanted to share. Reviews appreciated muchly.

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I was wondering if it's just my zip code that it's not playing in. The site and posters say 'in theatres Sept. 30' and yet it's not playing.
Quite upset about this.
If anyone could help me out (either by telling me that it should be here next week or that it won't be that long until the DVD release) I'd appreciate it.



I got the soundtrack for the movie, I've had a few days to listen to it...and it's STILL on repeat in my CD player.

The music is absolutely amazing. I suppose it's supposed to symbolize America (in particular, Francis) because throughout the whole soundtrack it's a mix of dozens of different culture sounds coming together to form a very American sounding work of music. No electric guitars, no synthesizers...just well orchestrated music. And the effect is heart-touching.

Even if you're in the UK and don't have a release date yet, I would recommend you get the soundtrack off Amazon.com anyway. It's absolutely gorgeous. And thank you, Brian Tyler, for knowing how to effectively use the snare drums in such a score!

In other news, Greatest Game comes out TODAY! My dad is actually home, so my parents, me, fallen_ember and sarah_hunni are all going to see it tonight.

After golfing, of course. ^_^
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Shia LaBeouf!

Shia LaBeouf will be on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno on September 23rd at 11:30pm. I don't think you can get that show in the UK, but for all the Americans here, be sure to watch! Considering he's appearing a week before the release of Greatest Game, I'm 100% sure they'll show a clip from it along with his interview.

My UK friends, I'm still looking out for ya! Don't lose faith, you will see this movie!
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