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The Greatest Game Ever Played

A Movie Discussion Spot

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About The Community

Welcome to greatest_game! This is a community to discuss one of the greatest sports movies of all time, "The Greatest Game Ever Played", and any of the actors in said movie. _sexorcist_ is the mod here.


[x]No flaming of the movie or actors, people. Constructive criticism is welcome, but if you're just here to say "OMG SHIA SUCKS", save it for your private journal.
[x]No netspeak. You'll get one warning, then I will block you from the community. It's not tasteful, and nobody wants to take the time to decipher it.
[x]No pimping of other communities without checking with me first. If you have a community that you'd like to pimp, and it somehow relates to this movie or one of its actors, check with me. You will get one warning, then blocked. And that's lenient for me.
[x]Be respectful of others. You will get NO WARNING on this one- if you're blatantly disrespectful, I will block you from the community the first time. It's common sense- don't do it.
[x]Graphics are always welcome. However, if there are big pictures or more than three icons, put it behind a cut.
[x]Fanfiction is also welcome here (though I'm not expecting much of it till the movie comes out). However, I will not tolerate postings that are not behind a cut and do not contain proper tags and warnings. The format goes like this:
Pairing (if any):
Form: (Movieverse, Bookverse, or Either)
If it's slash, warn us. If there's lots of language, warn us. Give it a proper rating. Remember, one strike and you're out.
That's about it! Have fun, above all!


Both these banners were made by _sexorcist_. Please feel free to take them, and pimp the community by linking them there from your userinfo.
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Image hosted by Photobucket.com


If you're interested in affiliating please let me know.